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Why Montessori?

Maria Montessori lived her life as a passionate child advocate. She spent 82 years observing children and developing materials to assist children as they discover themselves and the world around them.

Montessori believed that it was the responsibility of the adult to prepare a free environment in which the child can explore and discover their potential. She developed realistic and attractive materials that presented activities (concepts) that progressed from concrete to abstract. The child found sequenced steps in each activity – a guarantee to many “successes.” These materials were designed based on the fact that children learn best by doing. A control of error was always provided.

Montessori emphasized that the process in which a child goes through to gather knowledge is more important than the knowledge itself. The spontaneous joy of discovery brought on by repetition and concentration develops a firm foundation for the child’s self-esteem.

As the child’s sense of awareness grows, the child realizes their capabilities and thus understands their place in the world. The child grows to become a responsible adult who develops a “passion” for serving humankind.

Cardan Montessori Center has great faith in the children of today. We believe in carrying the “Montessori” torch by sharing with children and adults the requirements necessary for a “normalized” world! 

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